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Kin Crafting Leaders

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Kin Crafting Leaders

Post by Batel on Mon Nov 08, 2010 3:02 pm

Hey everyone,

To help with crafting, and streamlining the abundance of mats that we sometimes, have, we have set up crafting leaders for each profession. This is NOT a dictatorship, and I trust y'all will be sensible, etc, and do what you need to do to help both yourselves and others. In short:

1. Keep doing what you are doing! Y'all are incredibly generous with both mats and time, and it is so appreciated. Feel free to shout out if you have a need (just don't be obnoxious about it), and if you have mats that you don't need, feel free to offer them out in open chat. Give em out to whomever needs em.

2. If no one needs the mat, and you don't need the money from the sale, kindly send the item to the designated craft leader. That person will then distribute the mats among the crafters as needed.

3. If you need an item made, or need help with your crafting, either shout it out in chat, or contact the appropriate leader if you can't get immediate help. We can't promise we can make everything, or help with everything, but we'll try, okay?

4. This process, like everything else, is open to suggestions. It's kind of a test run, and we'll see how things go. I've been trying to keep track of everyone, and frankly, it's kind of hard! LOL! So, if you have any thoughts, feel free to contact me directly - I would prefer mail on here, but in game is fine too.

That being said, your crafting leaders, in no particular order:

- Hornfel/Drydorn- Weaponsmith
- Regwine - Metalsmith and Tailoring
- Barthox/thehunterxxx/Maegilthalion - Woodworking and Forestry
- position currently open - Cooking and Farming
- position currently open - Scholar
- position currently open - Jewellery and Prospecting

Juvelen will be helping with the crafting organization and with making items as she is extremely helpful, and has an abundance of toons.

Oakwulf is a Supreme EVERYTHING as is available to help as well, and aid with high level items.

I hope that is clear - again, we're just starting this, so may have to work out a few bugs along the way.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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