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New dye mats

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New dye mats

Post by Batel on Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:37 pm

As everyone should know by now, I am going semi bonkers trying to get new dyes. LOL

A few of our scholars have some of the recipes, so this thread is a work in progress for the dyes acquired and the mats needed. If you happen to have any spares, kindly send em!

Forest Green - Vandaren - onion skin, lily of the valley leaf

Purple - Dramal (Melchor) & Vandaren - juicy elderberries and indigo plant

Crimson - Dramal - juicy strawberries and sienna

Sea Blue - Vandaren/Kashue/Dramal - Woad Plant and Bluebottle Petals

Rivendell Green - Vandaren - Onion skin/pile of copper salts

Evendim Blue - Vandaren - Bluebottle Petals and Indigo plant

Ered Luin Blue - Dramal/Vand - Woad Plant and Indigo Plant

Rose- Kash - Juicy Strawberries and Amaranth petals

Ranger Green - Kash - Lily of the Valley and Piece of Umber

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