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Legendary Items Questions

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Legendary Items Questions

Post by sloaken on Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:51 am

So I have 8 items sloted, 2 of which are equiped on my Warden. As I get exp the various objects go up in level and I have new legacy points to assign. Typically I only assign points to the equiped items, except when I am about to deconstruct an item.
1) is there any value in assigning points to an unequiped legendary item, other than before deconstucting?
2) before deconstructing is there an advantage to placing relics on it if it has none?
3) is the best use for legendary items you cannot use (wrong class) or do not want to use (not so good an item) to deconstruct them
4) I have seen third age and second age, are there first age and how do I get one?
5) I get these 'Major Class Legacy' things that look like scrolls. I just noticed they list a Max target level of 60.
a) I assume the max level maps to the min level of a Legenary item to apply it to.
b) I assume after applying it only replaces that ability that you put in, and does not retain the skill level.
c) The primary purpose here is that if you find a better legenary but it is missing some Legacy you like you can add it.
6) I found a scroll item that says 'Applies a title to a legendary weapon'
a) since I have only seen one I feel I need to save this for my 'best weapon' ever.
b) I assume you do not get these back on a deconstruct
c) a weapon can only have one, it cannot have several
7) Can Legendary Shards be combined into a Legendary fragment?

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Re: Legendary Items Questions

Post by Regus on Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:43 am

Hi Sloak, I'll try to answer the questions as best I can.

1) As far as I know there is no value in assigning the points if you're not going to use the item, not even when you are deconstructing.

2) There is no value in placing relics, you'll actually lose any slotted relics if you deconstruct, so don't slot them on leveling weapons.

3) The "best" use really depends on the situation. If they are for another class I would just either deconstruct or sell them on AH, it doesn't matter much since an unleveled weapon will only get you 1 tier-1 relic.
When they ARE for your class and within decent level, there are a lot of variables to determine whether you want to use the weapon, and how much you want to level it.
a) The higher the XP level (not required level) of the weapon you deconstruct, the more items you receive when you do. You basically roll a die to determine what and how much you get. However, the increase in chance of getting things is tiered. The tiers of quality and quantity is tiered like this:

0-10: low
11-20: medium
21-30: good

This is the reason why if you level any item at all, the best level at which to deconstruct it is lvl 11, 21, 31 etc. For example a weapon with XP lvl 0-10 MIGHT get you a legendary shard or legendary fragment, but the chances are very low. A 11-20 level weapon will probably get you one. If you deconstruct a weapon at lvl 50, you'll probably get like 5 shards, and maybe a dozen relics or more of tier 1-4.
Also note that the REQUIRED level of the item depends to some extend what type of items it drops. a lvl 60 item or lower will drop legendary shards, whereas a lvl 61+ will drop legendary fragments. The latter are preferred since they are the ones used to craft lvl 65/75 legendaries.

Of course, deconning at xp level 30 or higher will also let you pick a legendary that you can keep and will receive in your bags, which you could use to combine your favourite weapon with your favourite legacy. This makes it pretty worthwile to consider deconstructing the leveling items at lvl 31. Legacy you can pick also depends on the level of the weapon, you cannot decon a required lvl 55 item and put the legacy on a lvl 65 item. So, once you get lvl 60+ it's best to also start leveling weapons lvl 60+

4) First age weapons are quite hard to get. Right now there are required lvl 59, 60 and 65 first agers, probably there will be a lvl 75 version in the december update but no idea on that.
Level 59 and 60 can be bartered for with a "Bright emblem of nimrodel". The level 59 requires less emblems than the lvl 60. You can only receive these emblems from bosses in the Moria raids (filikul, DN and the watcher/Vile Maw)
The level 65 first agers require a Symbol of the Elder king which you can once more obtain in a raid, this one is Ost Dunhoth.

5) I referred to these in question 3, you can use them to add desired legacies on a favoured weapon, but the ones you have were obtained from weapons with a required level lower than 60.

5a) The max level means required weapon level, so it has to be a weapon that can be used by players lvl 59 and lower.

5b) It only replaces the ability, and it will replace it at tier 2 (which is pretty low). You will replace another legacy so the points you had spent in that legacy will be 'un-spent'.

5c) Yes!

6)These scrolls will add damage bonuses or defense bonuses to your legendary items. Unfortunately the scroll description isnt very clear, but for example a 'orc-skewer scroll or whatever would let your weapon do +5 damage against scrolls, or somesuch. For a RK such as yourself there is an awesome scroll out there somewhere in Enedwaith I think that you can add to your satchell, it increases lightning damage with +5%

6a) There are several quests that supply these, and you can also barter for them with a pretty large number of NPC's. So they aren't exactly rare, I wouldn't save it for your superultimate weapon, but you don't have to just throw them away either Smile

6b) You do not

6c) That is correct. Also, some types can be used on your primary item (stone) and some can only be used on your secondary item (satchel), you'll see when you attempt to use it which items it can be applied to. If the item already has a scroll on it, you will overwrite it.

7) No, as mentioned before you receive legendary fragments upon deconstructing items of lvl 61 and higher, shards will never become fragments.

I hope this helps!

Regwine / Regaran / Regus / Regalan / Regdos / Rickon
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