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Who is Hungry? *grumbling stomach*

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Who is Hungry? *grumbling stomach*

Post by Popnpip on Sat Jan 29, 2011 5:59 pm

There are two parts to this post: A. a couple tips about cooking B. Who needs Food?

A. Tips for those interested in cooking.
Cooking can be expensive, keep that in mind if you work on one. Cooking helps you play better and keep you in and out of battles more fluidly. In that way it can help defer the cost for itself even if you buy it off A.H. because even in middle earth time is money. Most of the prices on AH are actually reasonable if you consider how long it took and some tier 5,6 foods have 2 or 3 items purchased off venders at 2-3.5 silver each.
Look under the ingredients for quick/cheap ways to level up. If you want spring/winter barley I can help farm some for up-and-coming cooks. That can give you tier points that are really cheep compared to cooking all the recipes. For the flour you only need barley and cooking tools. You can even make it while waiting on your raid team to come back from afk to jump Igash.
Cooking can be very time consuming.

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