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Metalsmith/Tailoring guide by Reg

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Metalsmith/Tailoring guide by Reg

Post by Batel on Tue Nov 09, 2010 8:31 pm

Hey all,

Since unfortunately I'm not always going to be online when a lot of you are, I can't always be there distributing recipes and materials. I'll therefore put them in my house. All metalsmiths/tailors are welcome to have a look at the chests and take the recipes/materials they need.

Any excess materials and recipes you can send to me, or put them directly in the chests if you want. Recipes are in the downstairs chest, ore/hides and brimstone/fibres in the upstairs chest.

My house is located at 2 Twinfall path, Ael-E-Gilith, Falathlorn homestead.

If anyone is looking to get a nice suit of armour made, the following things might be good to know:

For heavy armour, we need various brimstones. Brimstone is fairly easy to come by (get it by mining ores), so most metalsmiths will have a nice little stockpile of it. But of course it never hurts to have some more of it. This is a rough overview of what we need to make heavy armour (excluding the various steels we can hammer the iron into, shards and such):

lvl 0-15: Chunk of Crude Brimstone, Bronze Ingots
lvl 16-20: Chunk of Pale Brimstone, Barrow-Iron Ingots
lvl 22-31: Chunk of Dark Brimstone, Rich Iron Ingots
lvl 32-41: Chunk of Prilled brimstone, Dwarf-Iron Ingots.
lvl 42-50: Chunk of Dusty brimstone, Ancient Iron Ingots
lvl 51-65: Chunk of Bright Brimstone, Khazad-Bronze or Khazad-Iron Ingots depending on the recipe.

Other items that a Metalsmith can make for you:

Crafting tools for lvls 0,13,25,35,45 and 55 (required materials are the same as above);
Rune-keeper's chisels starting at lvl 15

It gets a bit harder with light and medium armour. We need certain fibres to get a critical success on a recipe. Fibres are hard to come by, and most tailors will have few fibres in stock, if any at all. So, if you want a suit of critical success light or medium armour (and I know you do), it's best if you could also provide the crafter with some of the required fibres. You can get fibres very rarely as loot from corpses, and from gathering wood. You can also exchange them for skirmish marks with the "Crafting" skirmish vendor. The basic required materials for light and medium armour (excluding shards and such) is as followed:

lvl 0-12: Common Flax Fibre, Light Leather
lvl 14-20: Bree Flax fibre, Medium Leather
lvl 22-31: Pale Flax Fibre, Sturdy Leather.
lvl 32-41: Yellow Flax Fibre, Pristine Leather
lvl 42-50: Golden Flax Fibre, Exceptional Leather
lvl 52-65: Fairy Flax Fibre, Extraordinary Leather and Magnificent Leather depending on the recipe.

Other things a Tailor can make for you:

Herald armaments and standards for Captains starting at lvl 20;
Several Rune-keeper's satchels starting at lvl 20;
Burglar signals;
Assorted cosmetic gear

So, if you need anything don't hesitate to ask any metalsmith and/or tailor, including me. But we won't always have the materials necessary to craft the items you request, so bear that in mind.

That about sums up my rant, I hope some of this has been of use to some of you. Please don't hestitate to ask if you have any questions.



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